24ème conférence des étudiants européens IPPNW. Helsinki. Mai 2014

24th IPPNW European Students’ Conference

Start: 09.05.2014

End: 11.05.2014

This May the congress of IPPNW’s European student movement will be in Finland. This year we concentrate on various global dangers that face us today – some that have been burden for a long time and some that have recently emerged. Cooperation between sciences is longed for when looking resolutions to these complex problems that connect us all – even though in different perspectives.

The conference program is truly exceptional. We have gathered experts from various fields to share their knowledge, such as Finland’s Minister of International Development, Pekka Haavisto. Topics to be discussed include conflict solving, review of weapons of mass destruction, health effects of global warming, futures foodproduction, human rights, Small Arms and much more.

We offer slight upgrade to your knowledge of challenges today and promise to shake your perspective of presented topics. We welcome you and your ideas to Helsinki.


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