REUNION EUROPEENNE DE L’IPPNW. Septembre 2015, à Belgrade.

Du 11 au 13 septembre 2015, à Belgrade. Serbie.
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For a World without Nuclear Weapons and War. IPPNW European Conference 2015

Belgrade, September 11-13, 2015

The world has become complicated; we are currently living with many simultaneously occurring crises: wars on Europe’s periphery, the economic crisis and the debt crisis in Greece, the refugee crisis and the global warming crisis. As physicians we are aware that these are just symptoms of a world that has become imbalanced.

Many political leaders are helpless and resorting to the usual military logic of war or defence thinking. The US and Russia are playing this game in the Ukraine conflict by threatening each other with nuclear weapons. At the same time, President Obama is fighting for a majority in Congress to approve the painstakingly reached but sustainable diplomatic agreement reached with Iran. In the US and in Iran there is still a great deal of opposition to the agreement. On Europe’s periphery, in Ukraine, an end to the war is nowhere in sight. The war in Syria drags on into its fourth year and the only ones to profit from its violence and destruction are the Islamic militant groups such as the Islamic State and the Al-Nusra Front.

In these difficult times I would like to invite you to come to Belgrade, to our IPPNW European Conference from 11th to 13th September, where I hope to meet many of you.

Together with our Serbian affiliate, we have created a conference programme that takes up the topics mentioned above and will search for possible peaceful solutions. Our main focus will be on:
·    ICAN and nuclear abolition
·    Health effects of the use of depleted uranium weapons during the Balkan wars
·    The conflict in the Ukraine and nuclear escalation.

As well as these topics, we will discuss nuclear energy, reconciliation and the Balkan war, austerity in Greece and its health impacts and refugees in European countries.

Angelika Claussen, IPPNW Vice-President for Europe

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